• MCS was established in 1974 as a custom software developer and IBM Series 1 services provider. In 1975 MCS partnered with a North East Regional Food Broker to build a software solution built specifically to handle the unique order management and reporting requirements of the Food Broker. The success of that system design drew the interest of many Brokers in the East. By the end of 1979 MCS had 20 Brokers using the MCS Food Broker Software mainframe based system.
  • MCS sold these mainframe systems until the introduction of the personal computer (PC) in the early 1980’s. The new MCS Food Broker Software System was rebuilt to run on Microsoft-DOS based computers. Significantly, MCS integrated their first EDI Translation Module with this new system. Over the next 10 years MCS released three full version upgrades of this DOS based system and its Customer base grew to over 100 brokers throughout the United States and Canada.
  • In the mid-1990’s, MCS migrated its development platform from Microsoft DOS to Microsoft Windows. This platform change required MCS to completely re-design the software system to accommodate a graphical user interface. MCS also introduced a number of new integrated software modules as part of the MCS for Windows release. These include the MCS Foodservice CRM system, MCS Bids system, and MCS Inventory system. As a result of the MCS for Windows release our customer base grew to nearly 175.
  • In the year 2000 MCS partnered with Microsoft to completely re-design the MCS Food Broker Software System. The application development environment was transitioned to Microsoft Visual Studio and our backend database was optimized for Microsoft SQL Server. MCSSQL was launched in 2003. The technology opened up our systems and allowed our customers the flexibility to integrate our systems with widely available productivity solutions such as Microsoft Excel, Mail and Word. Our partnership with Microsoft is the basis for providing a leading edge technology environment.
  • In 2015 MCS launched its first cloud based system. Today we provide our customers with the option of hosting their systems locally or having them hosted on the Amazon Cloud. The Amazon product we utilize provides multi-zone server redundancy, meaning that there is a mirrored set of servers in other parts of the country (zones) that run our systems. If the primary zone fails, the secondary zone kicks in, and so on. The MCSSQL Cloud provides potentially lower cost of entry, increase accessibility and greatly improved disaster recovery. All MCS systems are now available on the Amazon Cloud.
  • MCS also recently introduced two new systems designed specifically for the Cloud. MCS CRM Mobile expands our existing CRM system to provide access to your Mobile device. These Mobile devices include phones (IPhone/Galaxy), tables, or any other internet connected device or computer. The Mobile CRM system provides easy accessibility and communications with your field representatives. We also introduced MCS Business Intelligence. MCS BI delivers sophisticated business intelligence to your desktop and mobile device.
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