MCS Customer Announcement

The MCSSQL Cloud is MCSSQL software hosted by MCS and delivered via an internet client that is integrated with the user desktop. Hosted software refers to software that is installed, hosted, and accessed entirely from a remote server or location. MCSSQL Cloud is hosted and managed by MCS in the MCS Data Center. MCSSQL users access the software through a fast, secure RemoteApp client over the internet. Since all MCSSQL programs are installed on MCS infrastructure, they are managed, backed up, upgraded, and patched by MCS ensuring that users always have access to the latest, updated version of MCSSQL.



  • Easy Access – Fast, Secure Access to MCSQL Software from the Internet
  • Print, Fax, E-mail, Export, and Process EDI Seamlessly from your Desktop
  • Integrated Support – MCS Continuously Maintains, Monitors, and Updates MCSSQL
  • Software Ownership – You Own MCSSQL Licenses and Simply Rent Hosting Services
  • Integrates Seamlessly with MCSSQL Analytics
  • Desktop Integration – Hosted MCSSQL Runs Just Like a Desktop Application
  • Reduce/Eliminate Network Infrastructure – No Need for a Server/Network Infrastructure
  • Business Continuity – No Worries About Server or Network Crashes


MCSSQL Cloud is billed monthly on pay-per-user billing method.

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