MCSSQL CRM (Call Reporting)

  • CRM Data is Completely Integrated with the MCSSQL Core Business System Database
  • Easy, Fast Entry of Operator Profiles and Calls
  • Company Designed Operator Profile Attributes
  • Call Management Tools including Objectives and Product Focus Group Management

MCSSQL Bid Management

  • Bid Data is Completely Integrated with the MCSSQL Core Business System Database
  • Create Bid Request / Submission Forms
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration that Automates Reminders of Timely Bid Requirements
  • Report on Bids Open, Bids Awarded, Bids Not Awarded
  • Utilize Bid Templates to Save Entry from Year to Year

MCSSQL Product/Pricing Import Tool

  • All product detail and product pricing information can be imported from a standard Excel spreadsheet.
  • Data import is based on the Excel column name, so as much, or as little data can be added or updated as necessary.  The sequence of the spreadsheet columns is not important.
  • The “Column Alias” feature provides the ability to link an alternate column name to an MCS column name.  For example, if a Principal sends a price list on a monthly basis and their spreadsheet refers to the UPC Code as Product UPC Code, an alias can be entered that will link UPC Code to Product UPC Code.  As a result, the Principal spreadsheet would not have to be edited every month to adjust the column name.  There are no limits to the number of alias names that be linked to a single column.
  • Detailed reporting identifies all product detail and pricing that was added or updated during the import process.
  • Detailed error reporting identifies any failed add and/or update transactions and the reason for the failure to update the database.
  • Import Rollback is an on-demand option that will “undo” an import transaction.
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