MCSSQL Sales Agency Business Management System

  • Personalized User Menu with Menu Display Based on Security
  • Set Application Functionality across the Organization
  • Set Application Functionality by User Preference
  • Multi-Task Design Allows Unlimited Open Functions
  • Single, Real-Time Database
  • Data Access Filtered by User Security Settings
  • Region Defined by Principal-Customer Relationship
  • Fast, efficient Order Processing
  • Data can be Entered Using an Excel-Based Grid
  • Data Import Tools Automate Data Entry
  • Data can be Entered Using an Excel-Based Grid
  • Quick Lookups provide On-Demand Distribution and Price Book
  • Order Tracking Feature Records All Order Events
  • Required Fields Defined in Maintenance Profiles
  • Sales Agency reporting that is organized and presented in an intelligent format
  • Security determined by user login and applied at all organizational levels.
  • Report Favorites by User Login
  • Report Scheduler allows favorite reports to run automatically.
  • A complete suite of reports developed from the recommendations of our Customers over the past 30+ years

MCSSQL EDI Transaction Management

  • Proprietary EDI Translator
  • EDI Scheduler Automates EDI Transmission
  • EDI Transmission can be Initiated On-Demand
  • True Paperless EDI Management
  • EDI Transaction Assignments by CSR
  • Drilldown from the Transaction Manager to Order Edit
  • Re-Assign EDI Transactions by CSR
  • Auto-Close EDI Transactions When Process Complete
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